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Vancouver Bridal Shows: The New and Improved Bridal Nail

It used to be, brides in nail salons always got one thing: a French manicure (and often, a French pedicure to go with). In seasons past, the fingernails were worn pretty long, and on the square side. As for bridesmaids, they always knew what to ask for — a soft, neutral shade of polish, or maybe pink. (now days darks, brights and bolds) But we’re not living in a one-size-fits-all wedding world anymore, and many women walking through the door want options.
A neutral or pastel shade is a growing trend for brides who find the bright delineations of the French manicure somewhat stark.

Something round , nude , and bold …….

Nail technician : Sanjana Lakshman
Phone: 778-896-5041


One response

  1. jenn

    She does awsome nails … you have got to go to her….

    July 25, 2010 at 3:46 am

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