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Every Girl Wishes for that Perfect Day and that is What She Got!

Julia & Samuel photographed by Langis Photography

“Every girl wishes for that perfect day and that is what I got!”

Ceremony: Saint Francis of Assisi

Vancouver Wedding Reception Vancouver: Villa Amato, Vancouver

Vancouver Wedding Photographers: Langis Photography

Vancouver Videographers: Visual Eyes

Honeymoon Destination: Los Cabos, Mexico

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match! When Julia Parente’s boss invited her to her friend Samuel Galpin’s party, Julia had no idea it was to assess her romantic potential! Julia was not looking for love, which is, of course, when it’s most likely to come about.

Upon meeting Julia, Sam spent most of the night immersed in conversation with her, paying little attention to anyone else attending his party.  As the night drew to a close, Sam and Julia said goodnight. “It was the first time I met someone who was sincere, down to earth and had a good head on his shoulder– I knew this could be something special!” remembers Julia.

Sam called a week later. “He was a man who treated me like no other,” says Julia. He always respected my wishes.  And what made me fall in love with him was how he supported my decisions, especially when it came to my education.” Although Julia was working as a dental receptionist, she planned to move to Toronto to pursue her dream of becoming a Registered Dental Hygienist.  Going back to school was hard enough without having to leave a committed relationship, but Sam encouraged Julia every step of the way. When the time came forJulia to move to Toronto, Sam told her he would also be coming. “I was in complete shock, because I don’t think I could have asked him to leave his friends, family, and career behind just for me,” says Julia. “But this was true love!”

One night Sam and Julia were lying in bed saying how much they loved each other, which is something they do everyday. Suddenly Sam leapt out of bed, annoying Julia who felt he was ruining the moment. He walked over to the drawer, and pulled out a box. When he lay back beside Julia he popped the question, and she tearfully accepted. In retrospect Julia remarks how surprised she was by the proposal. “He couldn’t have picked a better time cause it was just me and him–no one else around.  It was perfect!”

Samuel and Julia decided to hold off until Julia was done school. They opted for a September wedding, because Julia wanted to marry amidst the fall foliage.  Because Julia is Catholic and Sam is agnostic, they decided on a Catholic ceremony at the very same church where Julia’s parents had married 34 years earlier. Although Julia was worried Sam might be reluctant to undertake a traditional church wedding, he was as supporting as always. The duo participated in a three-day marriage prep course at Rosemary Heights in Surrey, which included an interview by the priest who was going to marry them.  While there was no formal engagement, Sam and Julia did celebrate a week before the wedding: Sam had a stag with his friends locally while the bride and her girls partied in Vegas.

On September 19, 2009. People from Italy, Scotland, the United States, and across BC congregated to celebrate Sam and Julia’s special day. “I remember walking down the aisle,” says Julia. “I don’t think I’ve ever been that nervous in my life. I only slept about 45 minutes the night before! As the bride swept down the aisle in her Maggie Soretto wedding dress she caught snatches of conversations. Someone said “bella,” which means beautiful in Italian. Another person said, “it’s your day—smile,” although she was already beaming from ear to ear. “I’ll never forget the ceremony,” says Julia. “Because the whole time as we stood in front of our family, friends, and God—it felt as though it was just Sam and me. We held hands the whole time, gazing at each other.

After the ceremony, the wedding party hurried to the reception location, the Villa Amato, arriving before the guests in order to ensure the receiving line was done properly. Each couple was announced with an individual song personalized towards them. “It was a good laugh when we had my niece and nephew, the flower girl and ring barrier, walked in to an accompaniment of If You’re Happy and You Know It. In between six courses of dinner, speeches were made. “We can never explain how much these words touched us,” says Julia. “Everything about the reception from the food to the DJ was spectacular—we were speechless!”

Of course the best part of the night was everyone getting down on the dance floor. The bride even did a solo number to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” before tossing the bouquet: “I didn’t even want to throw it because I loved how all eyes were on me.” She then grooved to Naughty Nasty Boy by Christina Aguilera during the garter toss. And it’s all on video for posterity.

Julia says she owes her mother a big thank you for planning the wedding so quickly and efficiently. My mother was a huge help attending the Grand Wedding Show.“With school, it was the last thing on my mind,” she says. Weddings are always stressful, particularly when you add the stress of moving back home about six weeks before, but Sam and Julia always talked out their issues without all the arguments. “Most problems aren’t as big as people think,” advises Julia. “The most important things are the handsome groom and stunning bride—the rest is just nonsense!”

After a wonderful wedding, Julia and Samuel escaped to Los Cabos, Mexico, where they could lounge poolside, enjoying some rest and quality time together. Sam and Julia’s advice to other couples is to compromise, compromise, compromise, and never go to bed angry! “I cannot recall a night that we did not tell each other that we love each other before going to bed,” says Julia. “Our relationship has been amazing since the day we took our vows, and we plan to keep that spark between us to matter what!

Make your wedding day perfect by visiting the next wedding show in Vancouver happening September 18 & 19, 2010 at Canada Place.

see Langis Photography at the 8th GRAND Wedding Show September 18 & 19, 2010 at 999 Canada Place. Vancouver.


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