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After you say YES to the Dress come Meet Professional Make-up artists & Hair Stylists at the Grand Wedding Show Vancouver

Once you’ve said yes to the dress, it’s time to incorporate your ultimate accessories–the perfect hair and make-up. While some brides opt for the do it yourself route, getting frustrated because your shaking hands won’t permit the smooth application of your eyeliner is no way to begin your special day. Consider a makeup/hair artist an indulgence–a reward for coordinating your special day that will be well worth your time and money.

Finding the right person to do your hair and makeup takes time. Like all artists, these individuals have their own unique styles. Do a little research before booking consultations with the people you like best. Remember to take your dress along to each trial. Makeup artists understand how to use colour, incorporating your ideas and preferences to create a look that simultaneously complements your outfit while highlighting your individual beauty.

Keep repeating your mantra of the open mind–the colour, detail, and embroidery of your outfit may necessitate heavier, bolder colours a step outside your comfort zone. Wedding makeup is typically applied to emphasize your eyes and lips as opposed to one or the other, which is the norm for everyday wear. All this may leave you feeling overdone, but your artist understands how to apply camera friendly makeup. Bring a friend and have them snap pictures of your different looks, so you can study the outcome before choosing.

Because prices and services for different artists vary, it’s important to understand what you’re purchasing before plunking down the deposit. Exactly what will they be doing–a quick in and out application, or will they be with you the whole day? What about your hair and bindi? Do they know how to drape your dupatta or veil? Your hairdo’s at stake, so make sure you explain exactly what you want to achieve. If your artist won’t be spending the day with you, consider appointing a spotter–a friend who caries your makeup and tools and clandestinely swoops in for the occasional touch up.

The right professionals will help you look and feel your best, so you can strut down the aisle like a wedding superstar. Always remember the true key to beauty is a healthy foundation. This applies to everything from purchasing high quality underwear to maintaining a beauty regime that keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Other services you may consider include teeth whitening, laser hair removal, or bleaching (make sure any hair exposed due to short sleeves, plunging necklines, etc. is also given an application). End all beauty treatments at least two weeks before the wedding, so any surprise reactions have enough time to heal.

The best beauty advice? Keep your sense of humour and allow the day to unfold as it will–no terse looks or frown wrinkles allowed.

Meet Vancouver Mobile Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist – Melanie Tremblay

As a bride herself five years ago, Melanie Tremblay appreciated the amazing service she received from her hair and makeup artist. She wishes to provide other brides with the same kind of warm, friendly, professional service she knows makes a difference.

Having studied at the prestigious Makeup Designory in New York, and having worked for a wide range of commercial, fashion and bridal clients, Melanie has the education and experience that equips her to produce modern, beautiful looks for her brides. Melanie’s passion for and experience with beauty of all skin-tones, cultures and ethnic backgrounds enables her to produce amazing makeup and hair looks for any bride.

Melanie’s former career as a program coordinator in the non-profit sector has given her the professional demeanor and integrity to provide her brides with the best and most reliable service.

You can send us a question or request a quote by contacting us via email or phone:


See Melanie at the 8th GRAND Wedding Show Vancouver September 18 & 19, 2010 at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre.
more info please visit http://www.GRANDWeddingShow.com


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